What is a 
Flying Liger?

For years people have been asking us what the most dangerous animal in the world is. Of course big cats are at the top of the list, but different species have different attributes and unique elements of danger. Leopards for example are incredibley intelligent and crafty hunters. They are the most likely to attack someone, but their relatively small size does not tend to be as lethal as a bigger cat. A lion however has an explosive potential and an unparalleled ferocity. Tigers, while less confrontational, have teeth with both a sharp point and sharp back edge, much like a knife. They have the most lethal bite of the big cats. Then, of course, there is the liger. Weighing as much as both a lion and tiger put together, his sheer mass can stop just about anything in his path.

After being asked "what's the most dangerous animal" for the 4 millionth time, we started coming up theoretical dangerous animals for our own amusement. There was a unanimous decision that, if Ligers could fly, we would all be in very big trouble.