WWII German U-Boat

Diving the wreck of the U-352 off the coast of North Carolina.

U-352 left St. Nazaire on 7 April 1942 and sailed across the Atlantic to the coast of the north-eastern United States.
There on 9 May 1942, she was sunk by depth charges from the U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC Icarus,
south of Morehead City, North Carolina. Fifteen of the crew were lost, but 33 survived, and spent the remainder
of the war as prisoners.

Painting of the U-352 made by the ship's captain while held as a prisoner of war in the U.S.


Type: Type VIIC German U-boat
Size: 218' x 20' x 15'
History: Kapitänleutnant Helmut Rathke and the U-352 departed St. Nazaire, France on 7 April 1942 as part of Operation Paukenschlag (Drumbeat), Hitler's WWII assault on the US eastern seaboard. She arrived off the North Carolina coast in early May. Despite firing a total of 6 torpedoes, the U-352 failed to sink or disable any Allied vessels.

Sinking: On 9 May, the U-352 was spotted by USCG Icarus who fired 5 depth charges, severely damaging the vessel and forcing it to the surface. The Icaruscontinued to attack with its machine guns as the crew attempted to abandon ship. 17 crewmen were killed and the rest were taken to Charleston as prisoners of war. The U-352 sank with several crewmembers onboard.

U-352 Dive Slate

The crew of the U-352 eating food as POWs in Charleston, SC.