The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Over the years we have done more than half a dozen appearances on the Tonight Show.
Appearing on the show requires a coast to coast trip, Myrtle Beach to Los Angeles.
This trip is usually done by three drivers, usually myself, Chris and Kheira. We drive nonstop, rotating drivers.
It takes about three days to get to LA. We arrive the night before the show, get up the next morning for filming
and are back on the road headed east by that afternoon. It takes one full week (and about 140 hours in a truck)
to create a four minute television spot. While the trip is pretty epic, the experience is always worth trouble.
Jay is always fantastic and incredibly personable. Over the years, I've also had the opportunity to meet
other celebrities on the show like: Sean Connery, Willem Dafoe, Kate Winslet, Ethan Hawke,
David Carradine, Ben Harper, Erykah Badu, 98 Degrees, etc., etc.

Feeding a tiger cub with Jay Leno and Kate Winslet.