In 2006, I helped transport seven tigers from the U.S. to the Samutprakarn
Wildlife Park in Thailand. This is the first group of the four different colored
tigers anywhere in Asia. It was a very long, circuitous route to get there.
We drove from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta, flew from Atlanta to Anchorage,
Alaska, to Seoul, Korea to Singapore to Bangkok. It took nearly three
days of travel to finally arrive at our destination. 


Chris and I standing on the tarmac in Anchorage, Alaska

The cargo plane was pretty empty going to Asia, but is full coming back.
Apparently we import more than we export.

I got to sit in the cockpit of the 747 during take-off and landing. That was REALLY cool.

Unloading the transport cages at the Samutprakarn Wildlife Park.

Golden tabby tiger in his new home.