Sunrises and Sunsets
Across the Atlantic

During every day of my nearly 3 weeks at sea, crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the
sailing yacht Matilda, I watched every sunrise and every sunset. While
some of them were lackluster do to clouds and rain, some were really quite spectacular.
Enough so, that I decided to create a page of just those photos.

Stairway to heaven.

A faint rainbow.

Storm clouds coming up on us.

A blood orange sky.

Dawn through the clouds.

Storm clouds on the horizon mean it's going to be a wet night.

The sun has set.

Sunset and a choppy sea.

Full dawn.

Sailing into the sunset.

Rain at dawn.

At the helm during sunrise.

Another squall coming our way.

One of my favorites.

Moonrise about half way through the trip.

Barry photographing the sunset.

An episode of "Dexter" and a perfect sunset.

Sometimes we sailed by moonlight.

Sunrise as we finally reach St. Lucia.