St. Lucia

After sailing for nearly 3 weeks from the other side of the Atlantic ocean, we made landfall in St. Lucia.
(Atlantic crossing photos here.)

We arrived at St. Lucia just as dawn approaches.


Our track across the ocean.

The yellow buoy signifies one side of the finish line.

This catamaran is the other side of the finish line. They used an airhorn to signify our crossing the
line. They also radioed in our time to the ARC headquarters to figure us into the
official race results.

Fishing boats inside Rodney Bay.

Rum punches awaiting our arrival (at 6AM).

Barry's family arriving to meet us.

The sailing crew upon arrival.

Emily and William comparing flying fish.

Emily trying to put a flying fish in Barry's champagne.

The neighbor children are some of the best behaved kids I've ever seen, very contented with their apples.

William on the other hand, not so behaved.

First breakfast ashore.

Our race number 78 is also where we placed out of 220 yachts.

The local produce man showed up.

A boat we saw on radar sever times throughout the trip. Now we get to see what the boat actually looks like.

Taking a water taxi to Pigeon Island.

Some of the old English fort still left from their battles with the French.

A local cafe.

Another sunset through the clouds.

Friday night and everyone was is a good mood.

After leaving the marina festivities, we went to the local "Jump Up" or street party, which was a much more hardcore experience.


Back safely to the boat, both kidneys intact.

These two trays of fish are from the mahi mahi I caught the day before. The 1 fish fed 21 people.

Fresh local lobster cooked on the grill.

All the neighborhood kids (meaning from other boats).

I did not shave the entire sailing voyage. I was very happy to come home to a nice new razor.

Sunken sailboat at the edge of the marina.

These poor people sailed all the way across the Atlantic only to run aground less than 300 ft. from the dock.
Of course everyone was cheering them on as they were arriving and watched it happen.

A little help got them free.

The welcoming party for the new boat.

Sunset over Rodney Bay.

Simon check his phone after having nearly 3 weeks of withdrawals.

Dave enjoying a splendid rum punch.

A last dinner before Simon flies back to the U.K.

Views as we traveled along the island on a dive boat.

(Check out SCUBA diving the Pitons here.)

(Check out SCUBA diving the Les Leen M shipwreck here.)

Traveling through Marigot Bay, where we later would come spend the night.

One of the ARC boats.

Part of the English fort.

The Matlida amongst other yachts.

Motoring out and setting sail for Marigot Bay.

A frigate bird.

I jumped into the dinghy to take some pictures of the Matilda as we sailed into Marigot Bay.
Unfortunately it was too rough to do this while we were in the open ocean.

A local fisherman checking to see if we needed some fish.

Marigot Bay

An aerial video I shot and Barry edited of Marigot Bay.

The Matilda anchored in Marigot Bay.


Mangrove snapper.


A young baracuda.

A baby snook.

Sunset over Marigot Bay.

Dinghying around the outside of Marigot Bay to check out the cliffs and caves.

A sailboat sunk in about 5 feet of water.

The hull of the sailboat is readily identifyable in the aerial video above.

A local restaurant on the water.

Mangrove swamps inside the bay.

The SUPER expensive boats.

Snorkeling just off of the beach.



Puffer fish.

Yellow grunts.

Lizard fish.