During the annual two month stay in Massachusetts 
(to perform with the tigers at King Richard's Faire)
I decided to do some SCUBA diving and experience
 some of the underwater wildlife of the Atlantic northeast. 

Dive location in front of the "Lobster Pound".
This was a shallow water, good visibility dive.

The tide went out while I was diving. All the dark colored rocks were underwater when I started.


Little Starfish

How many hermit crabs can you count?

Lobster Claws


One of probably 7 or 8 defunct lobster traps I found.

Crab with algae growing on it.

Part of this rock looked a little weird, so I took a picture of it before I decided to go poke it.

What do you know, a SEA RAVEN.

The sea raven tried to hide be entering an old lobster trap.
He figured out how to escape by exiting through the top.


Lobster hiding in a hole.

Very green sea grass.