Standing with Niyama the white handed gibbon inside the U.S. House of Representatives.
We visited the Capitol Building to meet with congressmen and their staffs to discuss
wildlife conservation strategies.

Sinbad the orangutan at our Miami facility. After spending time with him, I started teaching him to paint.

Standing with Hanuman the orangutan and Robert Duval at his estate in Virginia.

"Peanut and Pumpkin" - Born at our facility in FL, this is only the 4th time and recorded history
that twin orangutans have been born.

Chewie the snow macaque. Getting ready to perform at House of Blues stage show.

Playing chess with Rafiki the mandrill. I raised and trained Rafiki from about age 3.
He has since quadrupled in size and has canine teeth larger than a tigers

Taking a nap with Anjana the chimp.

Yin and Yang our black and white ruffed lemurs.

Yin jumping during a performance at Jungle Island in Miami.

Some lemurs insist on being hats.

My dad came to hang out with the kids during one of the Wild Encounters tours in Myrtle Beach.

Suryia hanging around at Jungle Island.