National Geographic Television

To date I have worked on five different television programs for National Geographic:

Deadly Dozen
Critter Cam
Ultimate Cat
Super Cat


Series: Deadly Dozen

Working with Tecumseh the mountain lion for Nat Geo's "Deadly Dozen" series.

Series: Critter Cam


National Geographic sought our help for their "CritterCam" program.
In order to study the clandestine behavior of animals, researchers afix specially designed cameras
to animals in the wild. Because of the immense training and interactive capacity of our large predators,
we were able to test potential cameras and equipment for durability and functionality BEFORE trying
to attach it to an animal in the field. This process allowed the technical staff to fine tune their equipment ahead of time.

Damascus is testing out how "splash-proof" his camera is.

In addition to working with the animals themselves, I have done quite a bit of filming for
National Geographic as well as other production companies.
Because of my in depth working knowledge and daily relationships with the animals,
I can get much closer to film than can a normal camera man.
This series, "Nat Geo Amazing", is where I got my first credit as a National Geographic camera-man.