South African Safari 2013

Here are some photos of our annual African safari that I lead in South Africa.
Normally I take between
12,000 - 18,000 photos per trip. This year I cut back seriously
(only about 1000 photos). I focused more heavily on video this year, particularly finding
those perfect slow motion, high definition shots with our new Sony FS-700 (check out the video below).

I filmed all of this during the safari and edited it as I went. On the last full day in camp,
the rangers helped me set up a projector and movie screen and we had an official
debut of the video with everyone on the trip.

A grey and rainy day in New York. Looking forward to getting on our plane and arriving in sunny South Africa.

Part of the group, in their seats and ready for take off.

In Johannesburg at a private terminal, waiting for our private flight.

The group gathered and ready to take off.

On the way to the bush.

The Sand River in the distance letting me know that I'm almost there.

Water is the life-blood of Africa and the key to good wildlife viewing.

On the tarmac of the Mala Mala runway.

Everyone with their luggage, ready to head to camp.

Dr. Sherri. . . .our veterinarian and regular traveler on the T.I.G.E.R.S. safaris.

Making our way through the security gate.

Getting ready to go out on a game drive with some of "the girls".

The view from my room.

The bronze warthog outside of reception.



A kite being mobbed by a smaller bird.

The T.I.G.E.R.S. crew crossing the river in front of camp.

To nyala honing their warior skills.

Babboons sitting across from camp (probably waiting for everyone to leave so they can break into the rooms).

Baboons and nyala can often be found together. They warn each other if predators are near.

The bush can be very hard on an elephant's ears.

Vulture taking off.

Dead kudu.

Maribu stork.

Rhino crossing. . . . . no no, REALLY.

Red billed oxpecker helping pull parasites of the rhino.

This guy has definitely been rooting around in the mud.


A mother cheetah with two subadult cubs.

Big yawn.

The cheetah needed his face cleaned.

These cheetahs are hanging out at the end of the runway. The airstrip gives them plenty of open
space to chase down an prey that comes too close.

Part of my adventure this year was also taking my DJI Phantom helicopter to Africa and fly it around carrying
a GoPro camera. One afternoon a group of us climbed to the top of one of the Kopies (giant granite out croppings)
and I used the helicopter to take pictures of us.

Kody holding on as I launch the DJI.

Up up and away.

Photo from the helicopter

The camera has a small transmitter attached so I can see what I am filming.

Say "Cheese".

Everyone loading back into the Rovers.

Two starlings doing battle.

Leopard at night.

The cheetah trio sharing an early morning kill.

A post-breakfast drink.

A pair of tawny eagles.

Cape buffalo.

The nest of a foam-nest frog.

A rare obstructed glimpse at a pangolin.

Spotted genet.

The animals just do not care about the Land Rovers.

They REALLY don't care.

No gnews is good gnews.

Cheetahs posing nicely for the video.

One of the daily hikes.

We actually spotted 11 giraffes during one of the hikes.

Sadle billed stork.

Hippo butt in the river. (Really, it's not a rock.)

Nile crocodile hanging out below the causeway.

Somebody outside the window.

Everyone stopping together for a sundowner.

The evening's entertainment.

I don't know how this one got in here!

Fire for breakfast in the bush.