Jumbo Bucks

New York State Lottery

Jumbo Bucks

We filmed this commercial during the 2003 for the New York State Lottery. It features "Bubbles" our African elephant and myself. A 30 second and a 15 second spot were eventually produced, giving me 45 seconds of my "15 minutes of fame."

Filming took place at the famous Silver Cup Studios in Queens, New York (if you've seen the movie Highlander, this is where the big sword battle at the end of the film takes place.) Traveling from South Carolina to NYC with an elephant requires a giant truck and custom built trailer. Also the elephant, being spoiled as she is, needed a traveling companion. She and I traveled in the trailer together, watching TV and sharing a box of Fruit Loops.

Behind the scenes and making of the Jumbo Bucks commercials.

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If you ever find your self traveling through New York City with an elephant, keep in mind your truck and trailer

may not fit through the Lincoln Tunnel (or the Holland Tunnel, or the Queensboro Bridge . . . .)


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