Presidential Inauguration - 2009

 This was a Presidential Inauguration party held by ICCF (Iternational Conservation Caucus Foundation) 
  at Robert Duval's ranch just out side of Washington D.C. T.I.G.E.R.S.and our Rare Species Fund 
were the guests of honor. Many congressmen, lobbyists and representatives from 
internationally renowned conservation organizations were in attendance.


Me and "Bob" Duvall

Senator Defazio from Oregon

Hank Paulson, recently retired Secretary of Treasury

Rajani and Luciana Duvall


 Inauguration Day 
on the National Mall

It's like a scene from Escape from New York

Obama on the JumboTron

A sea of humanity


Not everyone was happy about the inauguration.
Apparently being a "sport nut" is a new deadly sin.

George Bush departing the White House on Marine 1


When there's no bleachers feel free to use a porta-toilet.

The empty chairs after the inauguration ceremony.

When in Rome . . . .

Presidential parade route leading from the Capitol to the White House.

Spectators on a roof top. Not everyone on top of a building
was spectator though (lots of snipers around).

Secret Service with the president's car.

Michelle Obama

Joe Biden's car, USA 2