Thanks to my "drum Guru" Sean Poole, I have become fairly proficient with ethnic hand drums and percussion. In 2001 we recorded the soundtrack album of our live stage show, the "Tale of the Tiger".
I arranged all of the pieces for this CD and play approximately half of the instruments.

This Page is from the bonus CD features of the
original "Tale of the Tiger" soundtrack. 
The video clips are real media (.rm)
If you don't have a player you can get it free at

     I also created the album cover and all the graphic work for the album. Like
     most of my work, I like creating something that has a little story behind it.
      This album cover for example features a photo of "Raja" our tiger,
     a picture of the earth taken from the moon, the surface of mars as seen
     by the Mars Exploration Rover, and a high resolution image of the
     Corina Nebula taken from the Hubbel Space Telescope. I didn't take the
      space photos, they came from NASA.

"Tale of the Tiger"
Behind the Music

The compilation of the "Tale of the Tiger"
album required months of preparation, as
well as more than 50 hours of studio time.

The Mixing Board
The heart of the recording process

"Raksha's Ramble"
Bass Ocarina Video

Sean laying down the vocal tracks for
"The Tale of the Tiger"

Sean filling in the mix

Studio work requires a lot of time,
patience, and JUNK FOOD!

"Arthur's Pride"
A solid drum jam. The video segment of the audio track

The Music Man
    Tim was our sound engineer and was
     great amount of help throughout the

Danmo solo for "3 Cubs on a Mountain"

The Banks of Effects Processors
How much fun would that be to have at home!

Didj track from "3 Cubs on a Mountain"

Laying down the didj tracks

Dum tak-a-tak

No song is complete without your
very own Acme "Siren Whistle"

Trying to find enough air to keep
circular breathing

Laying down tracks for "Arthur's Pride"

This was our home for many days!


Instruments you'll find in the "Tale of the Tiger" album:

2 ashikos, 2 djembes, 2 tubanos, 2 ngamos, 
4 tubanos, tyko drum, metal dumbek, clay dumbek, wood drum, china cymbal, african shaker gourd, bongos, rhythm guitar, flamenco guitar, bass, electic guitar, ceramic claves, wood claves, zills, frog rasp, danmo, imbarimba, 3 temple bells, gong, shaker egg, siren whistle, bird whistle, agogo bells, jaw harp, soprano recorder, wind whistle, bass ocarina, bull roarer,  sistrum, tongue drum, south african double sided calimba, balanese jungle flute, eucalyptus didjeridu, pvc didjeridu, didjeribone, didjeflute, rubber gators, indonesian gourd xylephone

"Tale of the Tiger"
1.Tale of the Tiger
3.3.2 Sufi
7.La Leyenda de Rama (el tigre de oro)
8/4 Cheftatelli
2.Raksha's Ramble
4/4 Tanzanian
8.Bhagavan's Bolero  fur meine klein Kaninchen
4/4 Bolero
3.Sunset in Asia Minor
4/4 Arabic
9.If Ligers Could Fly
3-2 Clave
4.Bubbles Bolero
4/4 Bolero (stop-time)
10.La Danza de los Tigres
4/4 Baladi
5.Arthur's Pride
3.3.2 Saudi
11.Three Cubs on a Mountain
6.Taking a "Chance"
3.3.2 Lebanese
12.Aboriginal Dissonance
A journey through sound