SCUBA Diving the Canary Islands

El Cabron Marine Sanctuary on Gran Canaria

During my couple days in the Canary Islands, I was able to fit a dive in. It was all a bit last minute,
but I was able to jump on a shore dive trip to the other side of the island with a couple people
that were doing a "Discover SCUBA" course. The slow pace of the diving and the instructor's time
and attention focused on his students gave me the perfect amount of time to slowly make my way
up to the fish and take lots of photos. The dive site was at El Cabron Marine Reserve.

Meeting at the dive center at the marina where we were docked with all the ARC boats.

A map of our dive location.

This is the couple who were experiencing scuba for the first time. They look pretty comfortable to me.

Find the flounder

I love the fact that the Spanish refer to flounders as "tapaculo" or "ass covers",
but I don't know how a fish is appropriate for that purpose.

Lizard fish