Shark Diving at Stuart Cove's
Nassau, Bahamas

I recently got the incredible opportunity to join some friends on a shark diving adventure in the Bahamas.
Thanks to the the incredible hospitality of Mr. Stuart Cove and his lovely lady Liz, I joined my long time dive friend Charlie, and new dive friend Dan, for the shark experience of a lifetime.
While a number of people per year will get to see these sharks in action through Stuart's dive operation, very few are given the chance to feed them by hand.
After seeing the work we do with lions and tigers at our South Carolina Preserve, Stuart and Liz were willing to gear me up in a chainmail suit and see how I would did.
They figured if I could feed an 900lb cat with a 12" stick, then I should be able to do the same with a little fish.

A face full of sharks.


Watch the video.

Ready for my first shark feed.

The Adventure Crew: Charlie, Dan and Liz.

Shark checking our what's in the box.

A shipwreck is a cool backdrop for feeding sharks.

The chainmail suit helped keep me safe during the few times I was not smart enough to keep my hands out of the sharks' mouths.
Made of hand woven titanium rings, the going price for one of these suits is about $5,000.

Sharks come from all angles when the bait is out of the box.

Eating a grouper head in one bite.


The stern of "The Ray of Hope".

With the help of Liz, I was able to keep this shark in "tonic imobility", a state where the shark just goes limp.