Sailing the British Virgin Islands

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Susan and Emily reading together.

Captain Barry Bland

Downtown Charlotte Amalie, St Thoms, USVI.

Thanksgiving dinner! Notice the Virgin Islands Ale is brewed in Minnesota.

Ferry from St. Thomas to Tortola. This is where we checked into customs in the BVI.

On the ferry, leaving the U.S.

Dave Martyn enjoying the breeze with Emily.

A French Bakery in the British Virgin Islands, where we paid with U.S. dollars.

The Moorings base where we picked up our sailboat.

Our vessel docked in Spanish Town, on Virgin Gorda.

Sophie and Emily.

A light lunch.

Picking up a mooring ball.

Towing the dinghy.

Sailing between Virgin Gorda and Peter Island.

Susan on the bow.

360 Degree VR Photos - Use cursor to navigate.


Susan at the helm while Barry navigates.

Eat up "me hardy's." A pirate lunch with Dave, Susan, other Dave, Barry, Emily and Sophie.

Barry was confused about the earrings. Don't ask where the third one is.

Saba Rock, located north of Virgin Gorda. The whole island is comprised of a restaurant, hotel and gift shop.

Lounge chairs in paradise.

Lots of kiteboarders.

Conch shell vendor. Conchs are often eaten in the Caribbean and the shells are a bi-product.
There are often piles of shells laying around. We even saw a wall built out of conch shells.

Dead Chest Island. This is where Blackbeard the pirate was said to leave 15 mutinous members
of his crew with a single bottle of rum. This is the origin of the song, "15 men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum."

Look, a mermaid.

Emily was very excited to find coconuts.

Susan enjoying a rum punch and playing games.


Dead Man's Bay

Our sailboat moored in Dead Man's Bay, Peter Island.

Brother Dave enjoying sunset.

Susan's sand mermaid.

The Baths

Brother Dave

The lineup of a motley crew.

The entrance to the baths.

Our boat moored in the background.

Dave "liming" in a cave.

Salt Island, a hundred yards from the final resting place of the Rhone, a Royal Mail Steamer

that sank during a huricane in 1967.

A grave marker on the beach. Even though the ship sank a hundred yards offshore, at least 126 people died.