South Africa 2014

Another excellent safari! Great people, great game viewing, great food.
(and LOTS of pictures.)

The "traveling ukulele" makes an appearance.


A live radio interview I did from South Africa.


Loading up in Johannesburg.

Tony and Janice, ready for the last flight.

We saw a herd of elephants even before we landed.

An Ant-Lion. This tiny critter buries itself in the sand waiting to ambush passing ants.
To give you an idea of size, the little rocks next to it are actually grains of sand.

Chakma baboons hang out with the nyalas. Each species uses the other to help watch for predators.

Baby white rhino.

European bee-eaters (with bee).

A boomslang (one of the more venomous snakes of Africa).

Klipspring (rock jumper).

Nile crocodile.

Close up of a dung beetle on his prized dung ball.

Wildlife viewing at close range.

Photo taken from camp.

A journey of giraffes.

Helmeted Guinea fowl, native to Africa.

A baby impala.

Impala, kudu and zebra grazing together.

Side striped jackal.

A VERY juvenile martial eagle.

White faced vulture.


Leopard orchid.

Not a very comfy pillow.

Mid-morning snack.

Leopard tortoise.

Lilac-breasted roller.


Praying mantis.

Maribou stork

Nile monitor lizard.

Rock monitor.

A cool moth I found in camp.

Ox-pecker helping clean a buffalo of parasites.

"Picking my nose the only way I can."

White rhino calf and mother.

Scrub hare.

Nap time.

Wake me up before noon.

Vulture in flight.

Waterbuck female.

Waterbuck male.

Kiss my striped butt.

A herd of elepants came grazing through camp.

Rangers urged them to leave while there were still bushes left.


The nest of a hammerkop.

Rhino wallow.

Lion with a buffalo carcass.

Ox-pecker cleaning a rhino foot.

. . . . And that's why they call them rock jumpers.

Tawny eagle.

Leopard WAY up a tree.

A vervet monkey being chased by a young leopard.

A young leopard chasing a vervet monkey.

Leopard and monkey.

Running from an incoming hyena.

Did I mention hyena?

A young leopard with his mother's kill.

Hyena waiting for the baby leopard to drop the kill.

African milipede.

Life is not easy in the jungle. Notice the split lip.

The lions brother has a split eye.

A black-bellied corhan.

A yellow-billed hornbill.

Dwarf mongoose.


This elephant is resting his trunk on his tusk.

Nap time.


Spot the lizard.

Tree agama.

Fish eagle.

Bataleur eagles.

Juvenile bataleur taking off.

Adult bataleur flying.

Buffalo being groomed by the birds.

Elephant Rock.

Egyptian geese.

Bens showing the indented underside of a leopard tortoise, indicating that it is male.

Plated lizard.

Maribout stork roosting for the night.

Hippos come out of the water at night to graze.

Rhino on the runway. . . . . . a whole different type of aviation security issue.

Baby zebra.

Afternoon mud wallow.

A hammerkop.

Incoming guests.

Vultures drying themselves along the river bed.

African wild dogs resting in the shade on a hot afternoon.

Full bellies.

There are only about 3,000 wild dogs worldwide and we saw a pile of them.

Maribou storks along the river.

A rock monitor visiting the room.

Time to nurse.

African eagle-owl.

Rhinos came through the camp at night.

African make-up, fresh blood instead of lipstick.

Impala along the runway.

A baby weaver bird in his woven nest.

Heron with a tilapia.

A mated pair of klipspringers.

A battle over a poop ball.

Time for a sand bath.

Being king of beasts comes with it's dangers, fresh wounds from would-be prey.

Who locked the gate?

Leopard climbing a tree just like a monkey.

Storks by the river.

Hammerkop flying.

Egyptian geese.

Another elephant in camp.

This elephant got uncomfortably close to Kim on her porch. In retrospect, she might have gone inside sooner.

Stacy and Ellen.

Our trusty gatekeeper.

Kim and Casey.

Bens my long time friend. . . . ranger and Shangan native.

Sherri and Susan.

Flat tire at night.

A young impala being pursued by young leopard cubs learning to hunt.

Examining an extinct termite mound.


A little mood music.

Pride Rock for lazy lions.

A group shot.

Getting ready for a hike.

Safety briefing.

That's a full belly.

Elephant too close for a photo.

Putting the relative distance to the wild dogs into perspective.

A foggy sunrise in camp.

Tony and Janice

With Michael the bartender.

Tony getting off the plane.

Michael bringing us Springboks, a drink named after the South African rugby team.

Singing by the local ladies during dinner.

Neil reading the menu.

Bens doing a dance for us.