Sand Tiger Sharks on the


SCUBA diving with sand tiger sharks on the wreck of the Aeolus off the coast of the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

The Aeolus is approximately 30 miles offshore, laying in 120 feet of water. The ship was actually torn
into three sections by the immense power of Hurricane Fran. Swimming towards the stern of the ship, you can
see the different levels or floors exposed. Swimming into a room on one of the upper decks, we found a large
number of sand tiger sharks swimming through doorways, down hallways and circling in a large room.

Although sand tiger sharks look fearsome they generally have a very calm demeanor.

USS Turandot was decommissioned on 21 March 1946, struck from the Navy list on 17 April 1947,
and placed in the reserve fleet. In 1954, the former attack cargo ship was converted to be a cable repair ship,
redesignated ARC-3, and renamed Aeolus. The conversion was performed at the Key Highway yard of the
Bethlehem Steel Co. in Baltimore, Maryland. The ship was re-commissioned as ARC-3 on 14 May 1955.

Aeolus dive slate.

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