Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

In 1996 we filmed "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls" with Jim Carrey.
Filmed in both Hondo, Texas and Goose Creek, South Carolina, we spent months on set with a virtual zoo of trained animals.
In South Carolina, much of the filming was done at the General Dynamics nuclear submarine plant (not in service of course).
The giant manufacturing buildings were so massive that multiple film sets (including a full African village), all of the animals (everything from pigeons to tigers to elephants), and a fleet of vehicles used in the movie were comfortably housed with enough extra room to put a small football stadium. In fact some of the subway sets (train track and all) from "Die Hard: With a Vengance" were still set up.

Jim Carrey sharing a plastic zebra with our lion Arthur.
Samson and Sudan, our two ligers, double as female lions in this scene.

Ace Ventura consoles the night watchman (our mandril Davie) for falling asleep on the job.

An elaborate scene of Ace Ventura sitting in meditation in an ashram.
We had monkeys, lemurs, a lion, a tiger and a hawk in this scene (along with other domestic animals).

The entrance to the cave of the "White Bat"

Special effects bats hang from the ceiling of the styrofoam and concrete cave.

This photo gives a pretty good idea of the enormity of the main building. As you can see in the bottom of the photo, that is a full sized elephant! The walls are actually giant sliding doors and the top of the photo (which is at least 200 feet up) is not the ceiling, it is the first set of overhead cranes. There is still another set above them!

Me with "Bubbles" the elephant. We were both much younger then.

These are some of the Land Rovers that Ace destroyed during the filming.

Some of the Bentleys used during filming. The one to the right has a crushed front end because one of the elephants in the movie sat on it.
That is my little blue Dodge pickup next to it.

Some of the set under construction.

Part of the Washutu village inside the building.

Ace Ventura hanging down a cliff in the opening scene of the movie.

The actual height of the cliff.

Some of the craftsmen fitting a new "boulder" into the cliff face.

In a spoof from the movie Cliffhanger, Ace Ventura tries to save a raccoon from falling while rock climibing in the mountains.

Our raccoon "Onyx" was the star of the scene.